Triple Stone Copper Ring: Tabasco Geode & Citron Chrysoprase

$ 36.00

Triple Stone Copper Ring: Tabasco Geode & Citron Chrysoprase. Tabasco Geodes, formally known as illianites, are the world's smallest geode formation. Each has a rind of agate with teeny tiny druzy quartz crystals in their mini cave center. The region where these are sourced was known for volcanic activity which results in this unique rock formation. Each stone is unique, so shape, color, lightness, clarity and size will vary.
  • Chunky statement ring
  • Approx. size 8, but very adjustable due to open form of the wire band/setting
  • Natural, un-dyed stones
  • Stone origin, geode: Mexico. Citron Chrysoprase: Australia
  • Copper electroplate w/ antique patina
  • Made in India

Another material with a chrysoprase name is an attractive milky green rock composed mainly of magnesite a magnesium carbonate mineral. It forms where serpentine is weathered or altered by hydrothermal activity. This opaque material is usually called "citron chrysoprase" or "lemon chrysoprase" because of its citrus color.

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