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Adrenaline Molecule Necklace

$ 25.00

Brand Well Done Goods

Adrenaline Molecule Pendant Necklace. C9H13NO3. Might you have a compulsive desire for excitement and adventure? Enjoy sky diving, bungee jumping, race cars? Well, this necklace is for you!

  • Silver-tone
  • Charm: .75" x 1.75"
  • 18" chain w/ lobster clasp closure
Adrenaline is the body's activator, and is released in response to anxiety, exercise, or fear. This is the basis of the so-called 'fight-or-flight' reaction. Adrenaline is carried in the bloodstream and affects the autonomous nervous system, which controls functions such as the heart rate, dilation of the pupils, and secretion of sweat and saliva.

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