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Apothecary Bottle, Medium Clear Lab Glass Storage Container

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Medium Size Apothecary Bottle, by Well Done Goods. Got great chemistry? Freak out all your friends by drinking your morning coffee, juice, or evening cocktail from a medicine bottle!  A prescription for endless lulz here. Also perfect for use as a bud vase, storing desk things or other sundries that...well..aren't what they seem. 

• Wide mouth jar with ground glass stopper
• Borosilicate glass
• Food & drink safe, NEW lab glass!
• Vintage deadstock labels, from 1890-1940, not reproductions!
• 250 mL / 8.45 fl. ounce capacity
• Assorted labels, each are one of a kind

• Vintage labels - gently hand wash only, no dishwasher

These LOOK scary and old, like whatever is in them will surely kill or cure you, but they're all made from brand new, scientific lab glass, therefore food and drink safe! We embellish them right in house with real, vintage deadstock pharmacy labels from the 1890s-1940s. There labels are NOT cheap new reproductions! We've been collecting these labels for years and are so excited to bring these limited edition vessels to you.

We can take requests for specific labels while supplies last, but can't promise availability as each are one of a kind.