Industrial Felt Bow Tie, Black

$ 75.00

Brand Well Done Goods

Black vegan industrial felt: A black black with a fantastic texture. The blackest black of any of our tie fabric!

Made from industrial felt, these bow ties are sure to impress the most hard-to-buy-for designer, dapper gent or staunch minimalist who has everything. This ain't your momma's craft felt - this is "MAN FELT" - it is a thick, sturdy, pressed or needle punched felt, used in industry for vibration absorption and abrasion resistance.

This is a self-tie or "freestyle" bow tie - the kind you tie yourself. The ties are fully adjustable and are traditional, no hook. Raw laser-cut edges. Seared edges are part of the cutting process and design.

Don't be scared. Wool felt ties are surprisingly not too difficult to tie, they just take a little fiddling. Once you do it a few times, it's easy!

We do all of our own laser cutting, from the pattern drafting to the making the computer and vector file talk to the laser, to watching it cut (must mind it through the whole process. Fire = bad!) to washing and cleaning the edges and sewing the center seam - every step from start to finish. This is not farmed out to some anonymous laser shop. Our shared laser cutter is located just a block from our screenprinting workshop in Detroit's Historic Eastern Market.