Cat Socks, Exploding Rozwell Grey Kitty Print

$ 20.00

Brand Well Done Goods

Cat Socks, Exploding Rozwell Print.  We all know cats rule, but this guy is even more dear to us, as he's our very own super amazing shop cat, Rozwell! He may not be as famous as Lil Bub, Grumpy Cat or Keyboard cat, yet, but you just wait... He'll slay the ranks of feline fandom soon enough.

• Full color sublimation print
• Moisture-wicking sport poly. Comfy no stinky!
• Choose unisex 9-11 (footie shape) or men's 10-13 (tube shape)

Handmade in the USA in our Detroit, Michigan studio. Printed 100% in house!  These aren't sent out somewhere to be printed - we can make fancy pants full-color prints on socks, woot woot!  How fun is that!? 

This item is available for immediate shipping. Packaged in space bags because these socks are from the future.