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Cellar Door Bar Soap: Blood Magick

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Brand Cellar Door

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Cellar Door Bar Soap: BLOOD MAGICK.

Smells Like: blood red wine. black plum. poison apple.

You’ve been slaving over that cauldron all night. it’s 4am, you’re tired, and honestly you’re kinda ripe. You need to rid yourself of that funk, stat! even the oldest spell casters need some help every now and then. so, we call upon the old gods and the new to banish this funk from the face of the earth. that’ll give you a good head start, but you’ll need some Blood Magick to finish off the job so you can get back to hexing Karen from accounting.


  1. olive oil
  2. water
  3. coconut oil
  4. sustainable palm oil
  5. sodium hydroxide (lye)
  6. castor oil
  7. shea butter
  8. fragrance
  9. mineral colorant
  10. Bamboo Chacoal
100% vegan, biodegradable, sustainable. Free of sulfates, phthalates, synthetic dyes, & parabens. 100% of the time!