Porcelain Dachshund Ring Dish

$ 8.00

Brand Well Done Goods, by Cyberoptix

Porcelain Dachshund Ring Dish. Ever take off your ring to have a good, refreshing face-wash, or do some dishes...and poof! All gone? Down the drain! A diamond heirloom never to be seen again in the bowels of your sink pipes? Ugh. Let Mr. Wiener Doggo help! Long dog is long. This cute little guy is here to fix that problem!

• 5.5" long x 1.88" tall x 1.63" wide
• Comfortably holds a few rings

• Glazed white porcelain

Note: This is a decorative piece not meant for food, so don't go putting sushi or something on it (even though it'd be really cute) as the glazes aren't certified food-safe in California...I mean nothing is really safe for you in California...so it's probably fine, but the manufacturer says that, so we have to too!

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