Crappy Holidays Mask, Corona Ugly Holiday Sweater Face Mask

$ 36.00

Crappy Holidays 2020 Ugly Holiday Sweater Mask. Have 6 inch long q-tips been dancing in your head? The new low-calorie sugarplum! Don we now our plague apparel? Now with all the triggers and none of the warnings! This is the crap, crappiest mask, of the year! It's really terrible, because we are.  And you are too. We can see you laughing, don't try to hide it.

  • Exterior: Super tightly woven, silky-soft, fine-weave microfiber poly
  • Lining: Soft, bamboo-viscose interior
  • 100% hand made!
  • Fabric hand printed by us in Detroit, MI. USA!
  • Non toxic, waterbase printing ink
  • Hand sewn by me in Detroit, MI. USA! *NOT* a pre-made blank.
  • 1/4" elastic ear loops
  • NEW: Now adjustable!!!! One size truly does fit all - if you have an itty-bitty petite face, or an XXL melon or beard, our ear straps now have comfortable silicone adjusters to truly fit all.
  • Get one for the whole family and pretend you're taking a picture together.  But you can't, because everything sucks.
  • Comfortable: Fits very closely to the face
  • Reusable and machine washable - see our care instructions
Swab your brain and swap disease-laden spit under the Rona mistletoe, get a 5g implant in pill or injection form, and just wear that mask over your f'ing nose while you do it, k? Have a joyous one!

Hand printed in the USA in our Detroit Michigan studio, located in Historic Eastern Market. Have you seen our matching sweatshirt?  See it on a t-shirt too!