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Cream & Purple Peruvian Arpillera Handmade Children's Sweater. 12 Months

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Brand Apus

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Peruvian Arpillera Handmade Children's Sweater. Zip Front, cream color with purple striped sleeves. We're so excited to offer some of the cutest kids' sweaters on the planet. While we didn't venture all the way to Peru ourselves to fetch them, we're very happy to find an amazing seller on the West Coast who brought them here for us -- for you to enjoy!

  • Size: 12 months.
  • Fair-trade hand knit sweater. Handmade in Peruvian Andes by local artisans.
  • Made from a blend of natural alpaca wool and synthetic fibers for comfort and breathable knit.
  • Unique and cute 3d padded felt designs. Scenes of countryside, weather & animals are hand-sewn on the front and reverse.
  • Curved pocket openings allow little hands to slide in easily, with a curved knit hood, cuffs and hem that hug the body and keep your little guys and girls cozy and warm!
  • Easy dress zipper - no tears!
Arpillera is a distinctive Peruvian artwork that reflects life in the Andes Mountains. It has been the medium for beautiful artisan-crafted tapestries that depict the mountains, sky, animals and nature around them. Alpacas, cacti, clouds and sun are made in felt, padded, then hand-stitched in place to adorn the front and pockets of the sweater.

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