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Custom Nostalgic Motel Style Keychain

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Brand Well Done Goods

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SALE! Custom Nostalgic Motel Style Keychain, text only. Usually we don't offer custom as it's a pain in the tail, but since we're getting together a whole lot at once for the new year, if anyone wants a custom just one by it's lonesome, few, or or a whole mess of 'em (like for your cool start-up/record label or whatever) $6 each + ship, no extra custom fees. Offer has ended, Jan 7, 2019. Thanks everyone, order is in! Contact us via email if you want to get in on the next order.

COLORS: Choose colors from the 2nd image, or copy the color scheme and font of an existing one you like: "Make it look like Hart Plaza"
FONTS: Helvetica Bold, Avante Garde or Old English. Your own provided font is also ok, but please have mercy on us and don't select custom fonts for single, onesy-twosy orders. Helvetica is always good!
• NUMBERING: No number, any number you want, or sequential!
• Bottom image: Drop in any mailbox icon or none, you pick.
 Gold or silver tone grommet, jump ring & split key ring. You pick!
• CONTENT: Be cute, be crass, be sweary. I'm not your mom, but don't be racist or sexist because myself nor my staff ain't looking at that crap.
• Single sided.  Opposite side of the tag will be blank and will match the color of the engraved text.
• Tag Size: 3.5" x 1.75." Laser engraved 1/16”, 2 ply durable acrylic

LOGO: Nope. IF you need an image logo, that's +$30 one-time set up, so this only makes sense if you're getting a whole bunch at once. Absolutely we can do it, but please email first.

We should have in hand in about 3 weeks depending on how many I get together at once, so they'll arrive in time for Valentine's day. As these are cut outside our shop, exact delivery date is not guaranteed.

Custom designed in our Detroit, Michigan studio. Made in the USA.