Custom Script Necklace. Personalize with your name or favorite thing

$ 40.00

Brand Well Done Goods

Custom Script Necklace. Personalize with your name or favorite thing. This is where you can get anything that you want, whether it's simply your name, something whacky and cute, silly, stupid, funny, romantic, your home state, city, team, something politically charged or even patently offensive*. We won't judge.

• 1-11 characters $40
• Wordy? 11-22 characters $50
• Choose silver tone or gold tone
• Width measurement varies depending on letters chosen
• Height averages 10mm tall; 1mm thick
• Electroplated script nameplate
• 50 cm chain. Great for layering! 
• Custom fabricated
• Ready in 3-4 weeks!

Please simply type the word you want in the notes field when you go to pay/check out. There will be a space at the very end of the cart process to input your customization. This is a custom order! Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

A Well Done Goods by Cyberoptix original! Designed in the USA in our Detroit, Michigan studio and custom made for you.

*By "offensive" we mean so in a funny, irreverent way.  Four letter words are a-ok, we swear like sailors.  Hate speech?  No bueno, not cool, man. There's a few words that start with "N" that we will not cut, so don't ask and don't be gross like that!

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