Doughnut Socks, Delight Donut Lovers!

$ 12.00

Brand Sukeno socks

Doughnut Socks, by Sukeno! Make it fun to organize your sock drawer. These look so delicious, but aren’t to be eaten - they’re actually real, awesome socks! Choose Berry Sprinkle, Rainbow Sprinkle or the classic Chocolate Glazed for the chocaholic. NEW! We now have delicious Strawberry Milk, Berry Chocolate, Green Tea Glazed and Aqua Sprinkle. Even better? Collect them all! 
We're dedicated to finding amazing quality gifts that make people smile. They're fun for all the unique people in your life, your foodie friends, Homer Simpson, and anyone who loves donuts!

  • Polyester 71%, Cotton 18%, Nylon 6%, Spandex 5%
  • One Size (Men's 6-11, Women's 5-12)​

  • Doughnut socks so are much more than their playful rolled up appearance - they look just as great on your feet! They're super simple to get right back into their original cute shapes!

    Sukeno's designs are knitted into each sock by state-of-the-art Japanese knitting machines (rather than printed with ink), so the design stays truer even while stretched and washed.