French Anti-Tank Missile Bandana. Full Square Cotton, Hand Made in Detroit, USA

$ 15.00

French Anti Tank Missile Bandana. Full Square Cotton, Hand Made in Detroit, USA. During a trip out west, WDG/Cyberoptix founder Bethany stopped at a junkyard that was within an hour's drive of a military base. While picking about with beloved pals, she quite literally stumbled on a number of thick, olive drab fiberglass missile cases, complete with warhead covers inside. Each case also held paper documentation of launch records, all were in French script dating from 1966-1968. The "Nord Aviation" sunburst sticker was peeled from a spent warhead contained in the case, scanned, retouched, and enlarged to supergraphic bandana size.
  • 100% cotton bandana.
  • 22" square
  • All-over screenprint. Black on white.
  • Fabric hand-printed in-house in Detroit, MI. USA!
  • Hand-screenprinted with black, waterbase printing ink
  • Reusable and machine washable
Full square bandana, folded in half with the print on one side, so you will get two layers of protection when worn as a face cover. Super versatile - use now to cover your face, or for whatever you'd usually use a bandana for if we end up existing after.

About Nord SS.11 ordnance: During the Cold War, tanks assumed the main role in ground combat. Therefore, the development of various types of antitank missiles became top priority in weapons manufacturing. This missile could also be used against personnel, gun emplacements, roadblocks, and fortifications.The French were the first to place in production a wire guided missile; it was so effective and inexpensive (about $1900 dollars) that the US Army bought the SS.11 from French production lines, at a time when the US government seldom allowed the purchase of any non-USA-made item.