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Handwoven Recycled Tin Bracelet. Fair Trade, India

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Handwoven Recycled Tin Cuff Bracelet. This is one of our most favorite finds ever! Vibrant, colorful old food and beverage containers are woven into an intricate herringbone pattern, then backed with a smooth piece of tin. The more you stare at the graphic pattern, the more interesting these pieces become - you can even make out barcodes, as well as partial and entire bits of text embedded in the design!

  • Fair Trade, imported from India
  • Choose small or large
  • Small: 1.25" tall; large: 2" tall
  • Hand woven from strips of old tin food and beverage containers
  • Flexible and adjustable, fits most wrists!
  • Colors and patterns vary, each is a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork
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