Kero X Marshall Applewhite - Sewer Tracks Record

$ 10.00

Kero X Marshall Applewhite Sewer Tracks EP
DETUND 27 / AVPGDU0005 12″ White Vinyl.

Atøms √ë¢tœrs Pix£ls Gh©sts™

After a slew of solo releases and a few comps, Marshall Applewhite has teamed up with fellow Detroit native Kero to put together a 4 track collaborative effort that explores both the new sludge phenomenon and the more classic detroit techno/electro sound. Within 4 songs the two have covered a wide base of musical information. Comprised of 2 parts modular gear, 2 parts homemade Reaktor patchwork, and 1 part raw machine funk, Sewer Tracks gives a good representation of each players musical aptitude.

A1. Murky Water – Broken drums, raw wave arpeggios and dark strings combine to form an sub worldly tune.

A2. Rusty Drainpipe – Big pads, halftime break-ups, a synth that sounds like it could fall apart at anytime and floor rattling kicks bring back the real dance floor to detroit techno.

B1.Slime Kings – The big 4 on the floor tune. giant arpeggios, jarring low-end and a drive bassline keep this ahead of the techno curve.

B2. Septic Sludge – The oddball on the Ep, Septic Sludge evokes an ever evolving sense of discomfort through a never-ending off the grid synth pattern and washed out, yet still slamming drums.

Design by The Designer’s Republic™ as part of Atoms Vectors Pixels Ghosts™ series.