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Purple Neon Light "Disco" | Acrylic Box Desk Lamp

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Purple Neon Light "Disco" | Acrylic Box Desk Lamp. Disco darlings - this one's for you! The disco lights you want to see! Create a vibe in any space. Handblown glass, real neon gas. The neon light is encased in a beautiful glossy acrylic box with a mirror back. The perfect statement neon piece for your home, or home dance floor!

• Purple neon tube - real neon!
• Lamp & Enclosure: 15" l x 4.3" w x 7.5" h
• Gift box included
• Power: 12VDC 2A
• For a table/desk/flat space, not a wall mount

Locomocean's line of handcrafted neon lights offers you a unique and affordable way to personalize your space with fun pop-art words and shapes. Neon used to be ultra nutty expensive unobtanium - not anymore! This sweet desk lamp uses real, hand-blown and shaped neon tube, not faux "LED-neon." While the LED stuff is pretty cool, it just doesn't give off the same warm, nostalgic glow. 

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