Stalactite Slice Pendant

$ 45.00

Stalactite Slice Pendant. Ever been caving? How cool are these?! We've made pendants from slices of the insides of the drippy formations found hanging inside caves. Mineral-rich waters drip and drip for centuries and make incredibly beautiful structures. 

28" solid, antique brass chain. Super long!
• Lobster clasp closure
• Gold electroplated edge
• Natural stone
• Average pendant: 45mm wide x 90mm tall x 7mm thick

School time! "-tite" = "hang on tight" in case you can't remember the difference between stalactite and stalagmite. 

Each stone slab is unique, so shape, clarity and size will vary. Handmade in the USA in our Detroit, Michigan studio. This item is available for immediate shipping.

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