Stay Back 6 Feet Face Cover, Reflective Print. Black Half Bandana Triangle, Dog Bandana

$ 16.00

Stay Back 6 Feet Mask Cover, Reflective Print. Black Half-Bandana Triangle Face Mask.  A little intimidation goes a long way when protecting yourself in public. Forreals anecdotal evidence - I wore this* mask and shirt combo through LAX > DTW a couple days ago and no one wanted anything to do with me or my partner wearing the same get up. You kind of give off this vibe that you're infected already, or are just legit crazy. It works.
  • Choose cotton poplin or this super fancy silk blend, 50% silk, 50% poly. I have it around, so why not?
  • One ~30" x 15" triangle.
  • Print size: 2"x3" to be seen fully right at the nose/mouth
  • Fabric hand-printed in-house in Detroit, MI. USA!
  • Hand sewn in Detroit, MI. USA!
  • Super high-vis retroreflective print, the kind that lights up in headlights for runners! Safety third!
  • Reusable and machine washable
  • Original illustration, new from Well Done Goods.

This is meant as a MASK COVER only, not to be worn in place of a surgical or n95 mask. It goes OVER your mask for some extra anti-social bad vibes fashion. I've hemmed a traditional bandana to be one triangle, because two layers of fabric and a mask got a little hard to breathe through. Yep, I'm here printing on and hemming bandanas, I have nothing else to do, why not?

We've heard of people getting shamed for wearing their often 10x-reused n/kn95 white masks and not instead donating them to health-care workers. No one wants your nasty old mask! We know you're a good citizen. The public shame-game is a little out of control and they don't know how grody your old dust mask is; while we agree fabric is the way to go, this simple cover can help the busybody nannies not notice your real mask underneath!

We’re here to make your apocalypse look, more zombie apocalypse-ish, because making fun of terrible stuff sometimes is the only way to deal. Please note: This mask is not a social distancing replacement. It is to add an extra layer of protection. Even if you think you're indestructible, not everyone else is; don't be gross and go out without a coughy filter!