Tree Agate, Prehnite & Pearl Macramé Mask Holder, stone beaded mask leash

$ 23.00

Tree Agate, Prehnite & Pearl Macramé Mask Holder. Even if you have like 50 of them by now, losing your favorite mask super sucks! Especially if it is one of ours, duh. This will help you to win at the which pocket is my mask in game, and the did I leave it in my car, game. It can also help keep it off the ground, which is nothing but hot diseased lava. Ew.
  • Each is unique
  • 18" looped, 36" end-to-end
  • 2 antique brass swivel clips
  • Espresso brown cord
  • Prehnite & epidote tumbled stone beads
  • Round tree agate beads
  • Works for all mask styles and sizes
  • Mask not included - we have many, check 'em out!
These prehnite with epidote needles tumbled stones are bonkers beautiful!!! Paired with tree agate beads, you'll almost feel as if you're enjoying the great outdoors while stuck inside.

We're here to make mask-wearing less terrible. Clip it together and it's a regular beaded necklace, or wind it around your wrist a couple times to make a bracelet. When you have safety stuff you actually like, then its not a constant reminder of...well, what life is now. Hooray!!!