White Mystical Moon Spell Candle Holder, mini candle holder

$ 5.00

🌙 Introducing our newest addition to the mystical world of candle holders! 🕯️✨ 🌟

Behold the enchanting Wooden Mystical Moon Spell Candle Holder! 🌙✨ Crafted from the finest wood, this exquisite piece is designed to hold one of our bestselling spell candles while it casts its magical glow. 🌕✨

🔥 But remember, magic always comes with responsibility! Never leave a burning candle unattended. ⏳✨ And for the perfect balance of safety and spellcasting, we recommend burning the candle for no longer than 30 minutes at a time. 🔥✨ ⚡️

With its compact dimensions of 1.7cm x 5.2cm x 5.2cm, this moon-inspired creation is the perfect size for any spellcasting session.

* candles not included