Abalone Smudge Dish, 5"-8" Natural Shell Smudging Bowl

$ 16.50

Abalone Smudge Dishes, Natural Rainbow Shell. Use on your personal altar as an offering bowl or to hold dried smudging herbs, crystals or incense. Use as a catch-all dish for tiny trinkets: Jewelry, coins, desk supplies…plant medicine. They're also great for natural soaps that can get messy.

  • Each is unique in size, color, and pattern
  • Interior is polished to a super shiny luster, exterior natural
  • Regular: Average 5-6 inches wide; Giant over 6 inches!
  • Origin: Philippines
Why are abalone shells used so frequently in smudging rituals?  Aside from the practical bowl-shape to catch hot embers, all four elements are represented. The shells are seen a a gift from the sea (water); the raw herbs represent earth; the lit wood or herbs fire, and the smoke created and released is air.

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