Recycled Leather Choker, Adjustable & Customizable! Leather Choker Necklace w/o Pendant, by Atlas Goods

$ 19.00

Recycled Leather Choker. Indecisive much?! Well have no fear we have you covered! This necklace is not only super adjustable for many different lengths but also customizable. The center features an O-Ring that opens and locks so you can swap out your pendant with ease to match whatever the days vibe may be! 

  • Made from recycled leather
  • Adjustable for 6 different length options.
  • Can be worn as a choker or wrap bracelet
  • Pendant not included but stop in and see us we have many to offer and so many stone options! 


Atlas Goods is one of our new most favoritest ever makers! Can a real-leather goods company appeal to even Vegans? Perhaps?! Atlas Goods crafts leather accessories exclusively from reclaimed leather that would otherwise be destined for the landfill, especially from luxe fancy-pants brands who's collections aged off the store floor. They source larger pieces from already-assembled coats, sofas and automotive seats, and smaller exotic leathers are painstakingly removed from obsolete tablet and phone cases. Discover timeless craftsmanship and fun, unique designs that elevate your style.