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Triple Tiger's Eye Stone Bead Mala Bracelet: Red, Hawk-Eye & Golden Mix

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Triple Tiger's Eye Stone Bead Mala Bracelet: Red Tiger Eye, Blue Hawk-Eye & Golden Tiger Eye Mix. This is a special one, with all three types of Tiger's Eye included in one bead bracelet!  

  • Each is unique
  • Choose 4mm-8mm beads
  • Stone origin: Brazil

While Red Tiger Eye can be found in nature, typically Red Tiger Eye is heated Golden. Blue Tiger Eye, or Hawk-Eye, is 100% natural! Geologically, Hawk's Eye has a lower iron content than Tiger's Eye, which can help to distinguish the two similar materials. It is the oxidation of iron that turns Hawk's Eye into Tiger's Rye; iron turns the material more brown.

Tiger's Eye displays a chatoyancy (cat's-eye) when a polished stone is moved back and forth. It is a quartz gemstone, usually amber to brown in color, that forms when fibers of the mineral crocidolite are replaced by silica.