Abalone Stud Earrings, mother of pearl hexagon studs

$ 29.00

Abalone Stud Earrings, mother of pearl hexagon studs. These hexagonal shape earrings are made with luminous, iridescent abalone shell - almost like it came from a real unicorn!

  • Real, natural abalone shell!
  • Rhodium plated sterling silver posts & butterfly clasp backing
  • Natural shell, exact sizes vary specimen to specimen
  • Earrings average: 10mm wide

Mother of pearl is formed by molluscs coating their inner shell to protect them against irritants and has been used for decorative purposes to make buttons, beads and set into jewelry pieces for men and women.

Energy workers believe that Mother of Pearl has protective qualities, helping to boost intuition and helping with clarity of thoughts and decision making.

Each stone is unique, so shape, clarity and size will vary. Handmade right here in house in the USA in our Detroit, Michigan studio. 

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