UV Flashlight, 365nm USB Rechargeable Ultraviolet LED Flashlight - Find Fluorescent Minerals

$ 23.00

AloneFire 365nm UV Flashlight, Usb Rechargeable Ultraviolet Flashlight. Rockhounds, we have a fun new tool for you!  You'll be shining it at ever rock in your collection and outside to find a whole wild world of fluorescent minerals. 
  • 365NM UV LED
  • Aluminum alloy body, not plastic!
  • 3 watts
  • 14500 600MAH built-in lithium battery
  • USB rechargeable
  • Stays lit for 2-3 hours
  • Includes wrist strap and short USB cord
  • Water resistant
  • Please don't look directly at the light if you care about your eyeballs!

This model is equipped with a filtered optical lens that filters out ambient light from the environment, which makes the ultraviolet light purer. USB rechargeable: it's easy and convenient to charge the flashlight from your computer, battery power bank, wall power adapter, or car.

Over 500 minerals have been discovered that exhibit some sort of fluorescence when exposed to ultra violet light, including fluorite, calcite, aragonite, corundum (rubies and sapphires!) cerrusite, hyalite opal, smithsonite, sodalite (like your Lake Superior Emberlites aka you-per-lights) and so many more!