Tabasco Geode cufflinks, Druzy geode cuff links - many colors to choose from!

$ 49.00

Colorful Tabasco Geode Cufflinks. Tabasco Geodes, formally known as illianites, are the world's smallest geode formation. Each has a rind of agate with teeny tiny druzy quartz crystals in their mini cave center. The region where these are sourced was known for volcanic activity which results in this unique rock formation.

  • Stones average ~1.75cm at their widest
  • Tabasco geodes - tiniest geodes in the world!
  • Matched pair, the itty bitty geodes are cut in half!
  • Handmade and each set is unique and one of a kind - no two geodes are ever the same. Please allow for variations in color, shape and size of the stones.
  • Choose blue grey agate; amethyst; red moss agate; burgundy moss agate; black agate; smoky; white agate; or pink
  • Brilliant, sparkly tiny druzy crystals
  • Geode reverse is coated in resin to bring out the color and prevent cracking
  • Stone origin: Mined near the town of Tabasco, southwest of Zacatecas, Mexico.
  • Natural, un-dyed stones
  • Bullet back cufflink, antique brass finish
  • Snazzy gift box included.

►NEED MORE? Makes a perfect gift for any human that has a cuff that needs fancying! Got a super special occasion? Fathers of the bride, grooms and groomsmen - more similar stones can usually be sourced and I can make plenty more, we can make sets for wedding parties or groomsmen gifts. Please contact us for specific stone customization requests.

► ABOUT THE MAKER: Each pair of cufflinks is unique and one of a kind, and made by hand by printmaker, metalworking artist and Cyberoptix founder, Bethany Shorb. I work between Detroit, MI and Los Angeles, CA, where I source all our stone, crystal, shell, fossil and horn specimens there and at the Tucson and Quartzsite AZ gem shows. All are intuitively sourced in person, from only the most reputable mineral suppliers.