Amethyst Stone Chip & Freshwater Pearl Beaded Mask Chain

$ 28.00

Amethyst Stone Chip & Freshwater Pearl Beaded Mask Chain. There sure is a lot going on here, and it's all super amethyst AHHHHMAZING! This over-the-top extra mask necklace has so much amethyst wonder - even long wee sparkly glass guys as a bonus dangling by the clips. You can't possibly be sad wearing this!  No, this is not a delicate, super-lightweight chain that is barely there - it is a big string of rocks. You'll notice it on, and so will everyone else. Own the purple power! 
  • Each is unique
  • 18" looped, 36" end-to-end
  • Lots of extra dangles!
  • Matte black swivel clips
  • Purple cord
  • Dark purple tumbled amethyst stone beads
  • Light purple amethyst chip beads
  • Freshwater pearl accents
  • Works for all mask styles and sizes
  • Mask not included - we have many, check 'em out!
We're here to make mask-wearing less terrible. Clip it together and it's a regular beaded necklace, or wind it around your wrist a couple times to make a big loopy bracelet. When you have safety stuff you actually like, then its not a constant reminder of...well, what life is now. Hooray!!!