Peridot Chip Bracelet, Arizona Peridot, Apache Peridot Delicate Small Stone Stretch Bracelet

$ 9.00

Arizona Peridot Chip Bracelet, Apache Peridot Stone Stretch Bracelet. August birthstone!!
  • Each is unique
  • Average 3mm-5mm chips
  • Stone origin: AZ, USA

Stone provenance: Primarily by use of hand tools, Tribal miners break the basalt/olivine rock and screen out the larger fragments of gem material. Most of these fragments are rather small and are tumble polished. This material is sold through the Apache Nations Peridot Enterprise, the Peridot Trading Post on the reservation, and another trading post just off the reservation between Globe and San Carlos where the material is sold directly to private individuals, wholesalers, and retailers.

Each stone is unique and beautiful so please expect slight variations in color, texture, and size.