Baby Middle Finger Hand Gesture Candle, by Candlehand

$ 25.00

Baby Middle Finger Hand Gesture Candle: by Candlehand. Looking for that perfect baby shower gift? Need to remind those overjoyed parents-to-be how their social lives are going to be legit boned for the next 18 years? Have you ever considered what would babies say if they could talk? We‘re sure that there would be much less crying and, well, an occasional f*ck off. Only just sweeter, purer, and smaller. 
  • Dimensions: Life size baby hand!  2.4" l x 1.6" w x 4.3" h
  • Burn time: Approx. 20 hours
  • Natural vegetable wax, cotton wick and wax dye.
  • Wick of the candles goes through all candle height
  • Scentsitive? This candle is unscented
  • Packaging: Comes in a beautifully designed gift box
  • Made in Lithuania
  • Safety warning: As this is an atypical candle shape, it spills while burning, please burn on non-burning surface.
F*ck you baby hand candle replicates the true size and texture of a little hand. Handmade from natural vegetable wax, cotton wick and wax dye.

Talk to the hand! 54 Celsius uses molds from actual hands to create all of their gestures. Each candle comes in the actual size of a real-life hand! Down to the natural lines and curves of each finger, only the color and wick denote that each piece is actually a candle...and not a hand on fire.