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Bendy Snake Necklace, Bracelet. Flexible, Articulated Metal Snake Fidget Jewelry. Silver or Gold

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Flexible, Bendy Snake Jewelry - Use as a necklace or bracelet.¬†Ssssssssss! Sneks!¬†¬†ūüźćūüźćūüźć Missing out on these will cause hissy fits!¬†Made from little cups lightweight metal beads around wire, this super fun snake jewelry is flexible & twistable. Wear it in any way you like! It can be worn many ways, as a bracelet, long chain, or twisted into a design around the neck.

  • Choose gold tone or silver tone
  • 36" from hissy tongue to tip of tail
  • Handmade in India
  • Very bendy - so many options!

Bored? Play with it and be infinitely entertained, never be bored with your new slithery friend!