Charivari Iron-on Embroidered Patch. Charivari® Official Merch

$ 6.00

New Charivari® Official Merch has dropped! Celebrate 10 years this year and Let Yourself Go! Stick it on all your own stuff: Jean jacket, vest, hat, your butt, your friend's butt...get creative!
  • Embroidered on cotton twill: Vintage style.
  • 2.25" hexagon
  • Iron-on. 60 seconds to patching heaven!
  • Ships with how-to instructions for patching newbs.

Can't be bothered to iron it yourself? Fear not, we also sell this patch pre-attached on a bucket hat: 

Charivari Detroit is an annual electronic music festival held in August showcasing the best of Detroit and international DJs. New from Well Done Goods x Charivari