Devil Horns Knit Ski Mask, Black Balaclava w/ Stuffed 3D Horns. Roll up to be a beanie!

$ 19.00

Had enough with spirit-gumming 10,000 rhinestones to every inch of your meat-suit, on a night colder than a witch's you know whattie? Is this the year to phone in your halloween costume, maybe sit in your jammies and hand out candy til the scary hour of 8pm? Or maybe every day is halloween and this is your new daily driver? Whatever's your speed, these cute 3D stuffed ones will keep it horny and will always be on call as a last minute emergency costume.

  • Wear as full face balaclava or roll up to be just a beanie cap
  • Black
  • Stretchy knit, one size fits most
  • 3D stuffed horns