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Dichroic Peacock Kyanite Fans

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Dichroic Peacock Kyanite Fans are made by stacking ultra thin layers of glass and micro-layers of titanium vapor over natural black kyanite - giving the surface shifting peacock feather-like colors, depending on the angle of view. This gorgeous color is something we can't even capture in a photograph. You think these are beautiful in the images? Wait until you hold one in your hands!
  • Each is unique
  • Let us know if you'd prefer more purple blue or golden and we shall do our best!
  • Average fan/broom measures ~2.5" - 3" long
  • One fan!

Intuitive healers say that black kyanite is absolutely the best mineral for absorbing negativity and harmful effects. Just one small specimen can do an epic job as a meditation aid, reiki or chakra work. Use as a pocket stone, worry stone, or companion to your crystal grid or even just sittin' pretty as home decor.

Each stone is unique and beautiful so please expect slight variations in color, texture, and size. Please add a note to your order with any specific requests and we will do our best to fill it from the stock available.