Evil Eye, Long Beaded Dangle Earrings

$ 23.00

Evil Eye,Ā MulticolorĀ Long Beaded Dangle Earrings. While earliest evidenceĀ suggests that the belief in the evil eye dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, there is evil eye art on all continents! Ā The evil eye symbol mainly promises to keep you safe and sound.Ā šŸ‘€

  • Seed &Ā bugle beads
  • 3" drop fromĀ top lashes to bottom fringe
  • Handmade in India
  • FabricĀ reverse
  • Post-style

After an eternity of mask wearing, we're loving this trend of epic earrings to compliment and stand out from your face fabric! These beauties areĀ surprisingly lightweight, so you can make a statement while not being in pain.