Golden Jade, Quartz Stone Mala Bead Bracelet

$ 9.00

Golden Jade Stone Mala Bead Stretch Bracelet. Yellow "jade" is not a true jade or jadeite stone; instead it is a trade name for a milky white quartz with a pale to mid-dark yellow coloration, often all in the same piece. As a member of the quartz family (like citrine), yellow "jade"/butter quartz is used by healers for many of the same uses as other quartz stones. It is said to be a stone of wisdom, helping users to learn from their experiences and gain self-confidence.
  • Each is unique
  • Mined in Guatemala
Prayer bead bracelets are a great compliment to your meditation routine used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra or the name of a deity. Not 100% on your way to Nirvana, eh?  That's totally ok!  They're beautiful just as lovely accessories, and they're great stress relievers. Gently rolling a few of them back and forth on your wrist's pressure points really does seem to help one's chill, when one...maybe is not very chill. Sounds loopy but we all seem to be doing it in our shop and we admit being a little type A!