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Hedgehog Sculptures, Hand Carved Quartz Crystal Clusters

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Hedgehog Sculptures, Hand-Carved Quartz Crystal Clusters. We don't think we've ever been so over-the-moon excited to bring a new thing into the store. These may be the cutest new little friends we've ever seen! And starting at only $15, you won't need hedge fund kind of loot to get one!
  • Hand-carved snout and feet
  • Each averages 2"-3" long
  • Onyx eyes
  • Each is one of a kind
  • Choose from clear quartz, smoky quartz, milky quartz and those with iron and calcite inclusions
  • Priced by weight and clarity..and personality?

Each is named, because...their spiky little selves demanded it. They all have such individual personalities, you'll receive the exact one you want from the photo.  A new group of stars and starlets are named by their spikey hair-dos. Reserve your own special little one now!

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