Hematite Stone Chakra Bead Bracelet. Sliding Knot, Macrame Black Cord

$ 10.00

Hematite Stone Chakra Bead Bracelet. Sliding Knot, Macrame Black Cord. New!  Now with 7 chakra-color accent beads!

  • 8mm stone beads
  • Hematite stone origin: USA
  • 7 natural and dyed accent beads
  • Black waxed cord
  • Sliding knot closure

We know y'all like to wear your beads allllllll the time, while swimming, in the shower, the sauna...while doing all kinds of hot and sweaty human things? Whelp. That doesn't work well, long-term, with stretch bracelets - it's ok for a little bit, but eventually the elastic will degrade, that's just materials-science. One day, suddenly, poof, you've lost your marbles...beads a-bouncing everywhere - we don't want that!  So we're introducing another closure style for you all-the-time-bead-wearers: the sliding knot!  This bracelet has no stretch, no elastic, but it is nearly as simple to put on and take off.

Hematite is the mineral form of iron oxide. Hematite beads are shiny and black when polished, are quite heavy for their size, and feel really great being worn! Metaphysically, it's said to be wise to have Hematite bracelets about when you are working with higher-chakra gemstones, to keep you grounded.