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La'Hammam: Pure Cotton Peshtemal Turkish Beach Towel | Brusa, Cream

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La'Hammam's super soft, thin towels will make you rethink all your chunky plush towels! Turkish towels have been revered all around the Mediterranean since before the Ottoman Empire. You know, the place that's surrounded by beach and perfect water?! What's even better? The style of weave doesn't pick up sand like a traditional fat towel does. 
  • Peshtemal: Ultra soft traditional woven style
  • 100% cotton, made in Turkey
  • Generous 38"x 70" size
  • Weight: Thin no-terry
  • Reversible. Black and cream
  • Absorbent & super quick dry. No wet-dog, funky towel smell!
  • Take up less space than a regular towel & does way more!
  • Doubles as a wrap, blanket or tablecloth
As its time to travel again, (Mediterranean anyone?) these are essential for spending hours on cheap-o airlines that don't provide blankets and still keep the cabin at a miserable 50 degrees.

Besides spas, yoga ashrams, gyms, beaches and baths, they are great camping and picnic companions for all you outdoorsy folks. Swaddle your little loved ones, clean up after a freak rainstorm, and they're great for your pets that get wet. Being so thin makes them very easy to carry around and keep in the car or backpack for any adventure that may arise.