Large Sterling Silver Dendritic Paintbrush Jasper Pendant, Diamond Shape

$ 42.00

Large Sterling Silver Dendritic Paintbrush Jasper Pendant, Diamond Shape. Dendritic Jasper has iron or magnesium inclusions which grow in a neuronal pattern, like the appearance of the very same axons and dendrites in our brains seen under a powerful microscope. For those more akin to the study of botany than neurology, these specimens are often also referred to as Nature's Paintbrush as they resemble a scenic landscape. 

Dendritic Paintbrush Jasper
• Each stone is unique and dendritic pattern varies
Natural, unpolished stone reverse
• Vintage sterling silver bail and bezel
• 18” Modern sterling chain
• Pendant: 50mm x 60mm x 6mm
• Hand-crafted in Japan

You will receive the four-sided, diamond shape style shown first - the others shown in the grouping of three are more "friends" in the same series. See our Oval and Intarsia Inlay pendants.

These are vintage deadstock pendants with an estimate on age being from 1960-1970. Each is in good vintage condition with some patina. We've polished them up a bit already for you, but you may choose to polish further if you so desire, but these have earned their patina and many people enjoy seeing beauty of the aged silver!  

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