Libyan Desert Glass Tektite, Tiny Glass Dome

$ 69.00

Libyan Desert Glass Tektite, Tiny Glass Dome. Don't have a room-size cabinet of curiosities? Or a whole wing on your home? Maybe just a single little shelf? Now you can have a mini natural history museum!

  • Tiny glass dome, cork and label
  • Impactite origin: Sahara Desert 
  • Composed mostly of Lechatelierite mineraloid, nearly pure silica
  • Each specimen weighs ~3g
  • Small 1" dome - see US penny for scale
  • Assembled and labeled in Detroit
  • Each is unique and will vary slightly from the photos

Did you know King Tut's scarab beetle breastplate is made from carved Libyan Desert Glass? This impactite is a natural glass that formed 29 million years ago at 1,600℃ - it's origin is still unclear as to being from a meteorite impact, aerial burst or most recently theorized to have been formed by a comet impact.

It is found only in areas in the eastern 
Sahara desert in Libya and western Egypt. Only very massive impacts generate the heat and pressure needed to transform rock, so impactites are created quite rarely. Libyan Desert Glass is a breathtaking beauty from the African Sahara. She's the exotic yellow tektite sister of Moldavite, but even more rare, precious and desirable!