Michigan Mitten Petoskey Stone Pendants

$ 49.00

Michigan Mitten Petoskey Stone Pendants. Wear a piece of the Michigan fossil record, and let all your friends know how smart you are about minerals, history and Michigan. And they're dang pretty.

  • 24" 925 heavy cable sterling silver bail and chain
  • Each Lower Peninsula mitten stone is about 1" long
  • Polished real Petoskey stones
  • Each stone is unique, so shape and size will vary a little
  • Cut in Northern Michigan, polished and set by WDG owner Bethany Shorb, in Detroit.

Designated the state stone of Michigan in 1965, Petoskey stones Hexagonaria percarinata are coral reef fragments deposited during the Devonian period, and later carried by glacial movement.

Petoskey stones can be found on various beaches and inland locations in Michigan, with many of the most popular being those surrounding Petoskey and Charlevoix. The movement of the frozen lake ice acting on the shore during the winters is thought to turn over stones at the shore of Lake Michigan, exposing new Petoskey stones at the water's edge each spring.

Handmade in the USA in our Detroit, Michigan studio, locate din Historic Eastern Market.