Mini Hand-Carved Selenite Skyscraper Towers

$ 6.00

Mini Hand-Carved Selenite Skyscraper Towers. Selenite is a soft stone, and one of the few natural crystals that can be hand cut into a tower without the use of power tools! 
  • Approx. ~2.5" tall
  • Each is hand caved and unique!
  • Stone origin: Morocco

Selenite, or satin spar is a stunning crystallized form of Gypsum and is said to be connected to the moon. A calming stone, you can have the beauty of the moon right in the palm of your hand, or your desk or by your bed - wherever you need some sweet moon vibes! Kick that negative energy to the curb, and cleanse allllllll the things.  

A piece of Selenite can also be used to cleanse the energy of other stones you may have. Lay your other stones on top or around overnight, to recharge like a wireless phone charger, but without any of the ex text regrets. ;) Got a tower? Place your jewelry around the point like an upgraded ring dish! 

You will receive one similar to the photograph; however, each Selenite tower is a natural stone and will vary slightly, but all are really quite similarly made. Fear not though, one of mineral specialists will intuitively select the perfect stone for you!