Moss Agate Stone Bead Mala Stretch Bracelet

$ 9.00

Moss Agate Stone Bead Mala Bracelet. Most moss agates are found as fragments weathered from volcanic rocks, it's a gorgeous color form of chalcedony. Healers say that it's good for encouraging tranquility and emotional balance.
  • Each is unique
  • 6mm-8mm beads
  • Stone origin: Brazil
Prayer bead bracelets are a great compliment to your meditation routine  used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra or the name of a deity.  Not 100% on your way to Nirvana, eh?  That's totally ok!  They're beautiful just as lovely accessories, and they're great stress relievers. Gently rolling a few of them back and forth on your wrist's pressure points really does seem to help one's chill, when one...maybe is not very chill.