Music Style USB Tags, Music Genre Motel Keychains - 20 Styles!

$ 6.00

Is participating in a "SO WHAT KIND OF MUSIC ARE YOU INTO?" discussion at club volume is just...beyond you right now?  Wouldn't it be easier to hold up your keychain and point? We don't have enough keychains to cover the entire conversation, but at least we can spare you this one. 

• Two-sided 1/16” acrylic with laser engraving & border
• Solid reverse

• Tag Size: 3.5" x 1.75"
• Grommet, jump ring & split key ring
• Fits most usb sticks
• Made in the USA

Deejays - have you ever shown up to a gig, you're about to close out some killer party, all your adoring fans are there anticipating, waiting for you to drop that banger, and you reach into your bag, about to blow everyone's minds....and you grab that stick where you did your cousin a solid and played Jayden's bouncy house birthday party in the backyard only with all the hottest auto-tune Swifty v New Kids on the Block mashup or whatever the nine-year old are listening to now?  And that's all you brought? Well the donkey just pinned the tail on you. Maybe that was just your worst edible-induced dj nightmare, but if you put one of these baddies on your stick, maybe that won't happen? Belt and suspenders, y'all.

A Well Done Goods by Cyberoptix original, these don't exist anywhere else! Custom designed in our Detroit, Michigan studio. Laser engraved in New York. Fully made in the USA.

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