Natural African Smoky Citrine Crystal Pendant, Small Size. Oxidized Electroformed Copper

$ 179.00


  • Crystal point & copper setting ~2" long
  • Natural, un-treated Citrine
  • Stone origin: Mwana Lubaba Mine, Zambia, Africa
  • 26" copper chain
  • Darkened oxidized copper patina
  • Each is one of a kind! Handmade in-house.
  • Textured, electroformed copper surrounding the stone.

Each pendant is unique and one of a kind, and made by hand by metalworking artist and Well Done Goods by Cyberoptix founder, Bethany Shorb. I work between my home base in Detroit, MI and a mobile RV studio Arizona, where I source all our stone, crystal, shell and fossil there and at the Tucson and Quartzsite AZ gem shows. All are intuitively sourced in person, from only the most reputable individual suppliers.

Electroforming results are unique to each specimen and will never be identical, even when crafted under what seems the same conditions. This nuance and variation is characteristic of the singularity of the piece and process.