Orthoceras Fossil Electroformed Copper Pendants

$ 89.00

Orthoceras Fossil Electroformed Copper Pendants. Orthoceras is an extinct cephalopod that lived during the Devonian period nearly 400 million years ago. Now you can wear this ancient squid on your neck!

  • Choose small or large specimen
  • 26" copper chain
  • Bright or darkened oxidized copper
  • Natural fossil in black marble matrix, each specimen varies
  • Large pendants average: 80mm x 18mm x 8mm
  • Small pendants average: 60mm x 14mm x 8mm
Like other cephalopods they lived inside of their shell, had tentacles they could use to grab food and used jet propulsion, squirting water to move. Ancestors to the modern day squid, they ranged in size from a few inches to six feet. As they died their shells accumulated on the ocean floor, were covered in sediment and fossilized. They can be found in Morocco, Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden and parts of the former Soviet Union such as Ukraine and Belarus.


Each pendant is unique and one of a kind, and made by hand by metalworking artist and Well Done Goods by Cyberoptix founder, Bethany Shorb. Working between Detroit and DTLA, she sources all stone, crystal, shell, fossil and horn specimens locally, intuitively sourced in person from only the most reputable and ethical suppliers.

Electroforming results are unique to each specimen and will never be identical, even when crafted under what seems the same conditions. This nuance and variation is characteristic of the singularity of the piece and process.