Palo Santo Incense, Premium Ispalla Stick Incense Packs from Peru

$ 5.00

This is not just Palo Santo scented, this is the real deal! Ispalla Incense creates authentic, natural Palo Santo incense sticks with Peruvian Artisans, responsibly harvesting sustainable, organic Palo Santo wood. All Ispalla's incenses are made with milled Palo Santo wood that's been harvested in northern Peru, only from trees that fall and dry for more than 5 years.

Each pack contains 15g of Incense which is approx. 10 sticks. Each stick is 20cm in length and burn time is ~30 mins per stick. Packs are sold individually. 

  • One 15gm pack of incense
  • 10 sticks per pack
  • Choose from 3 styles
  • Hand-rolled, hand-coated Incense on a bamboo stick
  • Sustainably harvested, rolled and sun-dried incense sticks.
  • Made in Peru
  • 30 min burn time
"If you really love Palo Santo and haven't found a stick that actually smells like the real thing, this is it. It's more expensive but it's worth it."

Ispalla incenses are made with the highest quality of resins to offer a unique and relaxing experience. There are no chemical components in its preparation, each person who lights an Ispalla incense will be enjoying the unique aromas of Peru. Ispalla incense is made only with plants, resins and milled Palo Santo wood, mixed with distilled water to create sustainable, natural and relaxing experiences.