Petrified Wood Chunky Statement Ring

$ 36.00

NEWLY RESTOCKED FOR 2022!!! Angular Petrified Wood Ring. How cool are these!?! Impress any lover of natural history. Handmade with Brazilian petrified wood. Each stone is unique, so shape, color, linear striations and size may vary.

• Chunky statement ring 
• Carved from one piece of stone
• Natural, un-dyed petrified wood
• Ring face averages 1" across
• Sizes 6.5; 8; 9.5

Petrified wood is a fossil where the organic remains of trees and other vegetation have been replaced by minerals. Mineral-laden water deposits minerals in the plant's cells. Carbon, iron and manganese oxides from underground streams make the tan to deep brown shades shown in these specimens. 

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