Petroleum Included Diamond Quartz Pendants. Small, Medium or Large

$ 49.00

Petroleum Included Diamond Quartz Pendants. New! Fresh from our Tucson Gem Show trip! ⚡️ Many have double termination points much like their Herkimer NY cousins, but there is even so much more going on here! Some have sidecar crystals and UV reactive inclusions. Your choice of sizes!

  • Small: under 9 grams, 18" chain (w/more delicate stainless steel chain)
  • Medium, 9 -15 grams , 18" chain
  • Large: 15-30 grams, 24" chain
  • Natural included quartz stone
  • Silver plate bail
  • Stone origin: Wahd, Baluchistan, Pakistan

These were formed millions of years ago - it’s a really special water-clear type of quartz with hydrocarbon inclusions: Tiny bits of yellow-brown liquid petroleum, solid black carbon and sometimes even tiny methane bubbles. They also host black and brown Asphalite, the group name for bituminous hydrocarbons (aka crude oil).

We make these in house. Hand-assembled in the USA in our Detroit, Michigan studio. Please let us know if you'd prefer a simple black leather cord instead of a chain and we can absolutely do that.

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