Petroleum Included Quartz, Tiny Glass Dome

$ 29.00

Petroleum Included Quartz, Tiny Glass Dome. Don't have a room-size cabinet of curiosities? Or a whole wing on your home? Maybe just a single little shelf? Now you can have a mini natural history museum!

  • Tiny glass dome, cork and label
  • Stone origin: Wahd, Baluchistan, Pakistan
  • Each specimen weighs ~2g
  • Small 1" dome - see US penny for scale
  • Assembled and labeled in Detroit
  • Each is unique and will vary slightly from the photos

These have double termination points much like their Herkimer NY cousins, but there is even so much more going on here! Petroleum Quartz is a very special, almost water clear type of quartz with hydrocarbon inclusions: Yellow-brown liquid petroleum, solid black carbon and sometimes even tiny methane bubbles. They also host black and brown Asphalite, the group name for bituminous hydrocarbons (aka crude oil) - calcium, iron, sulfur, and oxygen.